Qualified, Caring and here to help

The team at Your New Dentist follows the highest standards for oral hygiene in Australia. Not only do we keep up with the latest technologies and developments in the industry, but we also undergo periodic training from time to time to ensure we are abreast current trends. This gives us the right tools and expertise to make your dental experience as pleasant as possible.

We are proud of our highly experienced team and are so proud to say they are part of the Your New Dentist family.

Dr Monica O'Malley at Your New Dentist in Mooroolbark

Dr Monica O’Malley – Dentist

Dr Monica O’Malley has been part of the Australian dental industry for the last 26 years. Ask her and she says that her career started quite by accident. In her younger years, she started off as a dental assistant and realised how engaged she was in helping others. That’s when she found her calling. She graduated and became a dental therapist in 1993 where she started out as a Community Health services practitioner.

In 1995, she enrolled in University and was the first member of her family to do so. She earned a Masters Degree in Health Science Education from Sydney University in 1998. The following year, she enrolled in the Bachelor of Dentistry degree. In 2003, she graduated with Honours.

Throughout her career, Monica has always treated her patients with a caring and gentle hand. She has developed skills that enable her to engage and contribute positively to the health and well being of her patients. She continues to hone in on her skills through ongoing education and skill development as a dental practitioner.                                                                                                                          

Though she’s been in the industry for several years, she’s as passionate as she was at the start and is grateful to have the right skills to help people and make a positive contribution to their lives through improved oral health. She continues to study and develop her skills in the field so her patients can experience the highest quality care at all times. She remains focused on excellent dental care – helping more and more people follow preventive techniques through support and education.

Outside the office, Monica loves cooking, reading, music, wine, food, motorcycling, learning, meditation and gardening. She also enjoys spending time with her dogs and playing seconds in Hot Pans on Fire, a Steel Pan Band that started in 2009 in Marysville as part of the recovery initiative after the town was devastated by the Black Saturday fires. The band has performed numerous gigs since it started. They even travelled through the south of France on tour in 2014.

Monica is also actively involved in gardening and landscaping, a strong passion of hers. She has related her experience with creating a garden to building a local business with common links to hard work, patience and optimism. Every morning when Monica wakes up, she’s determined to use her skills to make a positive difference to the community.

At Your New Dentist, Dr Katharine Dal Santo – Dentist

Dr Katharine Dal Santo – Dentist

From the young age of 12, Dr Katharine Dal Santo dreamed of becoming a dentist after she knocked out her tooth in a water skiing accident. She had an extremely positive experience with her dentist where she was engrossed in the procedure he followed for saving her tooth. This inspired her to study dentistry and learn to communicate openly with her clients.

Katharine comes with several years of dentistry under her belt. She first started out as an oral health therapist. Then she decided to pursue her education further to become a dentist. She is passionate about her work and is always keen to learn more about her patients.

When she’s not at the clinic, she plays hockey, goes on hiking trips and solves puzzles. She spends a great deal of time outdoors, especially when walking her dogs.

Kat Rigg – Oral Health Therapist Hygienist

Kat Rigg – Oral Health Therapist / Hygienist

I have been in the dental profession for 17 years, beginning as a dental assistant, then practice manager, and further studies to an oral health therapist. I enjoy treating people of all ages with the goal of helping patients to keep their teeth for life through prevention and Minimal Intervention Dentistry.
After working closer to the CBD for over 10 years, it was time for me to move my career back to the eastern suburbs, where I grew up.
I believe that there is always something more to learn from dentistry, patients and in life. I enjoy attending continuing professional education courses to be able to provide the latest and best treatment possible for patients.
At home, I like to spend time with my husband, 3 children (11, 10 and 2), and Border Collie. I like swimming in the summer months and going for long walks with the family.
The Team

Stef – Dental Assistant

Stef has dedicated herself to learning how to run a successful dental practice and to acquire a range of new skills. She is also keen to contribute back to the community by being an amazing dental assistant. She enjoys chatting with her patients and making them feel welcome.

Stef is studying further and is part of several volunteer programs across remote parts of Australia and away that are lacking in adequate information and education about good dental health and hygiene.

Outside the clinic, Stef loves outdoor activities, bushwalking, walking her dog, spending time with friends and playing netball. She loves traveling and is thankful to have the chance to visit several countries overseas. She looks forward to many more travelling adventures to come.

At Your New Dentist, Krystal – Dental Assistant at Mooroolbark Dentist

Krystal – Dental Assistant

Krystal comes with 15 years of experience as a dental assistant and reckons her time at Your New Dentist has been the best so far. Not only does she work with a group of wonderful professionals, but work is a mere 5 minutes away from home.

Outside work, Krystal is passionate about children and special needs people who she holds close to her heart. She loves performing and has returned to it recently after having 2 beautiful kids. Enjoy a laugh, chat or even a singsong with Krystal.

Mandy at Dr Monica O'Malley at Your New Dentist in Mooroolbark

Mandy – Dental Assistant

I am so delighted to have finally found myself working in the profession I wanted to do when I first left school. I love working with team Yea and providing my homefolk with a fabulous dental experience. I was born and bred in Yea town and have been working in aged care until joining the team at Your New Dentist.

Blaire Henderson at Your New Dentist Mooroolbark

Blaire – Dental Assistant

Blaire started as a dental assistant straight after finishing her year 12 exams and has been working either full time or casual ever since. In the meantime, she has obtained a Bachelor of Primary Education and worked in hospitality.

She enjoys the opportunity Your New Dentist has provided her to merge her two careers and is dedicated to work with the team to provide an educational aspect to oral health in the community. She enjoys seeing all the smiling faces and finds gratification in making a positive difference in clients’ dental experiences.

In her spare time, she enjoys singing and music, as well as sitting down with a cuppa to read a good fiction novel.