Your New Dentist joins Independent Dentist Network

‘Dental practices driven by care not profit’

September 2017
‘Your New Dentist’ in Mooroolbark is delighted to inform you that we have joined the Independent Dentist Network (IDN). Combining forces with a growing stable of highly reputable dentists nationwide, IDN seeks to unite all independent dental practices to preserve patient’s freedom of choice and promote better oral health care for all Australians.
Founder and Managing Director of IDN, Mervin Saultry is committed to ‘helping dentists to help their patients achieve optimal oral health. IDN assists by facilitating freedom of choice for patients empowering them to enjoy a long-term relationship with a health professional they trust – not just by someone employed by a Health Insurance or corporate entity’.
With a vision ‘to be a successful, socially conscious, well respected and innovative provider of quality dental services who revolutionise how the community perceives and experiences dental care’ Practice Principal of ‘Your New Dentist’ Dr Monica O’Malley is looking to shake up the dental industry for the good of her patients.
When asked why patients would choose an independent dentist, O’Malley believes it is about “Independence = freedom of choice over one of your most valuable and irreplaceable assets – your health”. She goes on to explain, “I am passionate about helping individuals understand how they can successfully prevent disease and take back control of their dental health destiny. If you are a low dental risk patient, you may not even need cover. The health insurer is never going to convey that message!”. With an independent provider, you know your practitioner is focussed on positive health outcomes free from interference from a third party. Your new Dentist team believe strongly that transparency is fundamental to building and maintaining long term trusted relationships.
O’Malley and her committed and highly passionate team wish to “encourage patients who have been avoiding care for many years to feel confident to present for treatment and be delighted with the care they receive”. “We want to help rewrite our patients dental story…” explains O’Malley. One of our major priorities is helping patients to overcome their fear of the dentist. Delivering Pain-free dentistry in a relaxing and casual environment is at the corner stone of what we do.
IDN practices nationwide are coming together to provide better preventative oral health planning and care for their patients by giving them more personalised plan options delivering substantially better value in the long term.
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